Hosted Solutions

What is a Hosted Solution?

Simply put, we host it for you and setup and manage the backend systems or use a provider to manage the systems.  Some groups have an application that just needs some updates and fixes or may have their own servers or cloud system setup.  Many other though, do not.  That's where hosted systems come in.  They can be fairly small low resource hosted sites (That's pretty much what you get with the Promo Sites)  or complex systems that handle databases, redundant load balanced clusters, and high availability around the world. 

To meet the need we don't just use one resource. We mostly utilize Amazon's Web services and Dreamhost (great for 501c3!), as well as Rackspace and others.  We use multiple sources to help keep costs lower as each one offers great insentives. This also helps to make sure reliability is easier to maintain.

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