It's News! (12/24/2013 Update)

Merry Christmas!

I hope this year has treated you well and the next is very prosperous!  I know I've been silent here for a few months. In fact I have not done too many full updates to the framework itself.  As a note of my past, I've been in a full time lead media tech position for 2.5 years - in that time I've not been able to fully commit to the Idea Framework or Rex Productions (or my trying to get up and running IDEA Management llc project).  All that is about to change!  As of January 1st, I will begin focusing back on projects with Rex Productions in mind (oh and notice the x is now little - growing up a bit!)

The first in the foray of projects is a massive 3 month imaging project with 1,600+ new systems being configured and shipped around the country.  This is a great first step back into the world of contracting.  This also signifies a possible shift in business focus.  I will be assessing the need to focus on Network Engineering and IT as compared to a broad range of work in programming and web design.  This fully will not change for a while but is a possibility.

IDEA Management llc.

What is IDEA Management?  Well, simply we help ideas come to business.  Its a support for wannabe entrepreneurs.  We help take your ideas and guide you down a path to making them work, to make them profitable.  And with the risk of saying to many words, I'll leave it at that.  The other side is billing system from our end to help ease the cost of such a service.  We will accept normal invoiced billing - or in some cases equity.  In either case your success is our success and we hope to help you become as successful as you can be in the endeavor.  This is an infant company, still stuck in the start phase - but the principals we use to grow will be the same we use to help you grow.  We'll take notes and keep 'em safe so we can help you with our stumbling blocks.


Thank you for reading (whoever that one reader is)

and Merry Christmas!